Hurricane Generators

How to Keep Your Cool After a Hurricane

By  | Portable Generator Product Expert

A summer power outage is no picnic – especially deep in the heart of Dixie.

Sure, brownouts get everyone hot under the collar.

But, it's the prolonged heat and humidity from a two-week, hurricane-induced black out that drives everyone crazy.

The southern summer sun will quickly turn your cool, comfortable home into a sweltering sauna.

Generators are in short supply immediately following a hurricane. Plus, it could take local installers months to connect your generator system.

If you plan ahead, however, you’ll literally keep your cool while everyone else is sweating it out.

Hurricane generators come in three basic styles: Recreational, Portable and Standby.

Types of Hurricane Generators

Recreational Generators
Small generators are great for camping and tailgating. However, they’re not designed for post-Hurricane trauma.

Yes, they might keep a small refrigerator and table fan running. But, they lack the power to run much else.

Portable Emergency Generators
On the other hand, portable emergency generators actually generate enough juice to power multiple rooms in your home.

Since your central air conditioner is hardwired, you can’t plug it into your generator. Your electrician will need to install a manual transfer switch to connect your generator with your electrical panel.

If the size and installation is beyond your budget, you can always purchase a smaller portable generator and simply plug it into a window air conditioner instead.

Home Standby Generators
Standby generators are the ultimate hurricane solution for a couple reasons. First, they’re automatic. While you’re evacuating, your generator will keep your security system and mission critical appliances constantly working. Secondly, they’re powerful.

Larger standby generators have the strength to power central air conditioners, so you can return to a cool home. A 14-kilowatt standby generator will power a 4-ton central air conditioner.

A 17-kilowatt model will run a 5-ton central air conditioner. If you have two central air conditioners, consider getting a “Smart Circuit” system. Yes, they cost a little more, but they feature unique transfer switches that can alternate the air conditioners.


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