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Briggs & Stratton 30470 - 7000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton Electric Generators and Accessories
Model: 30470
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
4.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 5
168 Reviews
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Run Watts
Rated Watts
Surge Watts
Starting Watts
Ideal Home Back-up Generator

Briggs & Stratton Elite 2100 Series™ OHV Engine
Powerful overhead valve engine for long life & quieter operation

Electric Start with Recoil Backup
Start the generator with a simple press of a button
Includes Battery & Float Charger

12" Wheel Portablility Kit
Large wheels roll over rough ground easily
T-style fold-down handle take less space when stored

Extended Run 7-Gallon Gas Tank
Generates up to 9 hours of electricity at half load

Single Sided Control Panel
All user touch points are conveniently in one location
Features rubber outlet covers

Low Oil Shutdown Protected
Prevents engine damage if oil level is too low to safely start

Easy Maintenance
Built-in hour meter helps you keep track of oil changes
Engine Brand
Briggs and Stratton Elite Series OHV
Starting System
12-Volt Key Start w/ Recoil
420 CC
Consumer Engine Warranty
2 Years
Commercial Engine Warranty
1 Year
Engine RPM
3600 RPM
Low Oil Alert/Shutdown
Cast Iron Sleeve
Product Specs
120/240 Single-Phase
60 Hertz
Auto Voltage Regulation
Surge Watts
8750 Watts
Rated Watts
7000 Watts
Fuel Type
Rated Amps
29 @ 240 Volts (Single Phase) Amps
Portability Kit
Never Flat Wheels
Tank Size
7 Gallons
Run Time @ 50% Load
9 Hours
Fuel Tank Material
Fuel Gauge
Decibel Rating @ 7m
Not Measured by Manufacturer
Idle Control
Hour Meter
Voltage Meter
Lifting Eye
Neutral Type
Grade Type
NEMA 5-20R - Wall-Type
NEMA L14-30R
Made in USA
Assembly Required
248 Pounds
Product Style
Portable Generator
Product Length
34.75 Inches
Product Width
23 Inches
Product Height
26.75 Inches
Consumer Warranty
3 Years
Commercial Warranty
1 Year
Download Documents

NEMA 5-20R (Wall-Type)
NEMA 5-20R (Wall-Type)

NEMA L14-30R
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  17 Questions
Q: I was interested in buying the Generac GP17500E. I did my homework and believe it is the one for me. The questions I have are:

1. Can I convert it to propane?

2. How long will a 15lb propane tank last on this generator if I'm not powering the whole house and just the bare necessities?

Thank you Ryan

by Ryan from New York on October 16, 2013

A: Thanks for your inquiry.

We at Power Equipment Direct do not recommend converting your gasoline portable generator to an alternative fuel and doing so will void the manufacturer’s warranty and may cause damage to the generator itself. These conversions are not recommended by any of the generator manufacturers.

Gasoline has an Ignition Point of 475–536 °F. When a generator is manufactured to run solely on gasoline these temperatures are taken into consideration and the engine components are made to handle these temperatures.

Propane (LP) has an Ignition Point of 920-1020°F and Natural Gas (NG) has an Ignition Point of 900–1500°F. These higher temperatures will cause damage over time on any “gas only” powered engine.

The following guidelines cover Honda engines (Also applies to other engine manufacturers) modified to run on fuels other than the one for which they were designed, such as converting an engine to run on propane (LP) or natural gas (NG).

• Honda gasoline engines are certified to operate on unleaded fuel with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher, containing no more than 10% ethanol (E10).

• Any change to the original configuration of a certified Honda engine is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act prohibition against tampering (40 CFR §1068.101(b)(1)). The tampering prohibition is important because poorly designed and installed modifications can increase emissions.

• The Clean Air Act prohibits anyone from removing or rendering inoperative any device or design element installed on engines in compliance with regulations. These actions are considered tampering, which carries a civil penalty up to $37,500 for each engine or equipment in violation.

• Engines converted by a third party (OEM, dealer, converter, etc.) to run on a different fuel type must be recertified with the EPA on the new fuel to comply with applicable emission standards. The third party must recertify under a new family and notify Honda to not include the modified engines in the original family.

• Converted engines to be sold for use in California must meet CARB requirements and the converter must obtain approval from CARB. EPA certificates or tampering exemptions will not satisfy the requirement for CARB certification.

• Once certified, the third party must remove the Honda emission control label and apply a compliant emission control label for the new fuel indicating the new certifying manufacturer. Honda will no longer assume any responsibility as the certifying manufacturer.

• The Honda Distributor's Limited Warranty does not extend to parts affected or damaged by the conversion to or use of fuel other than the fuel for which the engine was originally designed.

• Honda offers V-twin engines specifically designed and certified for use in LP/NG applications. The engines incorporate special design features that address the higher combustion temperatures and reduced lubrication to the valve guide area (since it is a dry fuel, not liquid). Please contact your sales representative or distributor for additional information.

Disclaimer: The guidance provided is intended for Honda dealer/distributor informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You must contact the appropriate certifying agencies if you require information on how regulations apply to your specific application.

The regulations and additional information can be found at these web sites:



The run times will always vary based on the actual load put on the generator.

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: I Know nothing about generators......How many plugs/outlets does this generator have?
by Marty P from New Jersey on September 07, 2013

A: You can see the available outlets listed on the individual product page under the specs tab. This unit has the following outlets......

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Last year I purchased a Briggs and Stratton 7000w generator. I want to know, is there a natural gas conversion kit I can purchase for this generator?
by Donald Gaddis from New York on August 31, 2013

A: Thank you for your interest in Electric Generators Direct!

At this time Briggs & Stratton does not offer a natural gas conversion for their portable generators. The units are designed only for use with gasoline which burns at approximately half of the temperature of natural gas.

This type of conversion may severely affect the performance of the unit as the units cannot handle the increased temperatures. Your warranty coverage will be voided should this modification be performed.

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Do you have the dimensions of the box as it is shipped?
by Greg from Connecticut on August 25, 2013

A: Box dimensions are:

L: 35"
W: 22.5"
H: 26.25"

That is the box dimensions only. These units ship on a pallet via common carrier semi-truck and lift gate service is recommended. Without lift gate service you will need to have the means to remove the unit from the back of the semi-truck with either a forklift of ship it to a dock.

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Subject: 30470 Briggs & Stratton Generator

Hi Jim,

If the battery had not been charged previously with the Float Charger can the recoil/pull start be used instead? On your website it says that this model comes with Free Lift Gate service. Does this mean that it could be put on our driveway or in our garage for free? Thanks.


by Terry Fudin from Connecticut on June 08, 2012

A: If the battery is dead then you can definitely use the recoil to start the unit. The battery/electric start is a convenience and not necessarily required.

Lift gate service allows the semi-truck driver to get the unit off the back of the truck for curbside/end of driveway delivery.
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Does the 30470 Briggs & Stratton come with a pull start? If I wanted to use the battery start, how is it charged?

by Harvey Loeb from Pennsylvania on May 07, 2011

A: This model has both electric start and recoil start. The unit also comes with a charger which needs to be plugged into the unit when it is not in use.

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Does the generator also charge the generator battery when it is being operated?
by James from Maryland on April 16, 2011

A: No, the unit does come with a Briggs & Stratton float charger which is plugged into the unit when it is not in operation (while in storage).
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Is the B&S 30470 California compliant?
by Mark Fairbanks from California on March 02, 2011

A: This model Briggs & Stratton 30470 is not CA CARB compliant. Please visit the following link for all of the CARB compliant models we offer.

CA CARB Approved
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Hi;
I purchased the B&S 30471 which is rated at 8000-1000 watts. I am now looking into the transfer panels and outdoor connections. Here is my question. I am looking at the 10 circuit panel but it is rated at max 7500 watts. I know that I will probably never be near max but is the recommended one capable for this gen if it (God forbid) goes near max?

by Bob Martin from New York on February 13, 2011

A: The recommended manual transfer switches are 30A switches and are perfect for connection to a 8000 watt generator. Generator sizing should be based on 80% of the generators running capacity so the generator has the flexibility to handle the surges without losing proper voltage.

There is another way to give total panel control by using a manual transfer panel which would match your current panel size and is mounted between your meter and your main panel. You can then control all of your breakers as long as you do not exceed 80% of the generators running capacity.

100A Manual Transfer Panel

200A Manual Transfer Panel

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Would the Elite 30242/30470 generator work well with an RV? I'm a little concerned about the noise level since B&S doesn't publish the decibel ratings for their generators.
by Ron Heflin from Texas on February 13, 2011

A: As you know, the 30424 unit has been replaced by the B&S 30470 and is a good quality replacement with all the new features. This will work with your RV, however, manufacturers are not required to provide db(A) rating as there are no requirements or regulations for this. Briggs does do a good job with using noise suppressing mufflers to keep the unit at decent levels but this will not meet National park noise restrictions as these are designed for residential use.

Sometimes it is better to go with a true RV generator such as the Generac RV line that we carry and can be fueled from your RV gas tank or a separate LP style tank. These units are typically mounted in convenient locations on the RV's. This may be a good option for long term use.

RV Generators

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: What do I need to consider when running a computer or LCD television off of my portable generator? I currently have a 10hp Briggs and Stratton powered Craftsman generator.
by Virgil Litterell from Oklahoma on February 07, 2011

A: The main thing to consider is the entire load you are connecting to your generator. The rule of thumb is to size the generator to 80% of the running capacity of the generator so that it has enough flexibility when a large load kicks on (refrigerator) the generator has enough power to handle it and not have to struggle which keeps the ability to output good voltage. It is the voltage drops that can damage/hurt sensitive electronics so it is important to not overload the generators.
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Hi Jim: considering the B&S 7000 electric start portable generator but want to know what the operating DB level is. I didn't see it in the specs.
by Dale from New Hampshire on January 23, 2011

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, Briggs & Stratton, like many other generator manufacturers, do not publish the decibel ratings for their generators. This unit does come equipped with a Low Tone Muffler for Quiet Operation but, I don’t have a decibel number to give you. Currently, there are no industry standards or requirements for generator manufacturers to follow when testing their generators for noise. Due to this, manufacturers can test the noise level under any conditions they choose and, therefore, the results are not very reliable as each company will test under conditions that are favorable to their products.
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: How many watts do I need to run my heating system in a power outage. I have a forced hot water heating system? I've been reading the specs on the Briggs & Stratton Elite 30470. Is this big enough?
by Helen Moe from Massachusetts on January 23, 2011

A: Proper sizing of the generator is crucial to the success of any installation and requires a good working knowledge of electricity and its characteristics, as well as the varying requirements of the electrical equipment comprising the load. When analyzing the electrical load, consult the manufacturer’s nameplate on each major appliance or piece of equipment to determine its starting and running requirements in terms of watts, amps and voltage. When choosing the generator output select a rating that is approximately 20 to 25% higher than the peak load (for example, if the load is about 8 kilowatts, select a 10 kW generator). A higher rated generator will operate comfortably at approximately 80% of its full capacity and will provide a margin of flexibility if the load increases in the future.

We recommend that you have a certified electrician do your wattage calculations to verify the generator size is correct for your application.
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Hello Jim, I have the Briggs & Stratton 30471 - 8000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator. Can you tell me which manual transfer switch kit is recommended for proper operation?

Thank you! Anthony

by Anthony from South Carolina on January 21, 2011

A: You should be considering a 30A manual transfer switch along with a cord and the outdoor power inlet box.

30-Amp Switches

30-Amp Cords

30-Amp Boxes

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: Can you explain the benefits of the different alternator types? (Brushed vs. Brushless)
by Lee from Maine on January 21, 2011

A: Brushless Alternators Benefits:
• Less required maintenance due to absence of brushes
• High efficiency, no voltage drop across brushes
• Higher speed range - no mechanical limitation imposed by brushes/commutator
• Low electric noise generation

Brushless Alternators Cons:
• Higher cost of construction
• Control is complex and expensive

Brushed Alternator Benefits:
• Two wire control
• Replaceable brushes for extended life
• Low cost of construction
• No controller is required for fixed speeds
• Operates in extreme environments due to lack of electronics

Brushed Alternator Cons:
• Periodic maintenance is required
• Speed/torque is moderately flat. At higher speeds, brush friction increases, thus reducing useful torque
• Poor heat dissipation due to internal rotor construction
• Higher rotor inertia which limits the dynamic characteristics
• Lower speed range due to mechanical limitations on the brushes
• Brush Arcing will generate noise which could cause EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

by Jared, Product Expert

Q: I'm considering ordering the Briggs & Stratton 30470 - 7000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator.
The only thing I need to know is this- How many hour of power will I get on a full tank while burning 6,000 watts all the way through?

by Fred Forino from New York on January 17, 2011

A: Briggs & Stratton does not give an exact run time as the listed 50% load run time is an estimate. This is due to the different fuels, personal maintenance and storage which can vary the run time. Also, it is recommended to size a generator to 80% of the running capacity, which helps with the longevity and the voltage output by keeping the alternator stress low. When operating "beyond" the recommended 80% and a large load spike hits the unit, such as a refrigerator compressor kicking on, the unit can struggle with the voltage output and drop below recommended levels.

If your need is a constant 6,000 watts, then you should be looking at a 7,500 watt or larger generator. Emergency
by Jared, Product Expert

Q: How does this generator start in cold weather with the electric start? What is the difference between OHV engine & Generac's OHVI engine?
by Daryl Hammond from Ohio on January 17, 2011

A: Portable generators are normally stored inside and the B&S 30471 comes with a float style battery charger which is plugged into the generator when not in use. This allows the generator battery to have a sufficient charge when the generator is needed to start.

An OHV (Overhead Valve) engine is compact designed and generally makes the unit operate quieter. The Generac OHVI (Overhead Valve Industrial) engine is built robustly with premium power and high performance and comes with a fully pressurized oil lubrication system and spin-on filter.
by Jared, Product Expert

Briggs & Stratton 30470 Reviews & Ratings
Overall Rating
4.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 5
Easy To Use (16)
Easy To Store (9)
Features (6)
Price (6)
Reliable (6)
No Cons (1)
Heavy (1)
Durability (1)
Low Quality (1)
91% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
168 Reviews  Sort by 
Stamford, CT
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 12/11/12
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
22 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Easy Online Ordering, Great Service, Started Right Up
After days without power from Irene and Sandy, I decided I'd be prepared for the next power outage. I had a local electrician hook up a Gen-Tran 30 amp eight circuit transfer switch.

I ordered this online and received it just a few days later. R & L delivered it perfectly. I opted for the lift gate service, and the delivery man was good enough to wheel it about 10 yards into my garage. Very happy with the ordering and the delivery of the product.

I put the generator's wheels on. ... more
View Image
Was this review helpful?
W. Barnstable, MA
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 1/30/13
Total Helpful Votes
15 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Northest Blizzard Of February 2013
The generator arrived in less then a week after I ordered it with no problems. In fact two days after it arrived, we had approximately 15" of snow on Cape Cod and were without power for over 50 continuous hours. We hooked the generator up to the circuit breaker and we had plenty of power fro the water pump, the oil furnace, a bank of lights, and the TV. Because of freezing temps, the generator ran for 30 hours during the power failure. The only problem I had was when I shut it down at... more
Was this review helpful?
Scott C.
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 2/9/13
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
10 Helpful Votes
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Life In The Country
Bought this unit last summer in anticipation of this winter of 2014. Only used 3 hours in the late summer due to power outage. Worked fine for 3 hours then the power came back on. Not a real test until we got the ice storm here in Pennsylvania this week. No power now for 4 days... but we have heat, water, light, refrigeration, and garage doors that work. This unit justs hums along and is a well built generator with ease of use. BUY IT.
Pros: Easy To Use, Reliable, Price, Durable
Scott Recommends This Briggs & Stratton Product
Was this review helpful?
Sam T.
Sharon, MA
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 10/30/11
Total Helpful Votes
10 Helpful Votes
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Generator Engine Started W/ No Power Generated
After the crazy October nor'easter snow storm, our home in Massachusetts lose power for several days. With our recent new born, losing power in winter is out of the questions and we decided to purchase a reliable power generator and settled on the Briggs and Straton 30470 with output of 7000 Watts.

The generator arrived after a week and the generator looks good upon delivery. After we follow the instruction to oil up the machine, the generator starts without problem and run very smoothly.... more
Was this review helpful?
Port Jefferson, NY
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 9/20/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Dr. Gumby Says: Works Great !
This generator so far has been used for 20hrs. Yes, not much, but it worked great. I had loaded the gen at about 28Amps 220vac and it was cruzin along.

No sputtering, and, AND, at that load I got 118.9vac on my test meter. No load its 119.99vac. You can't ask for better than that.

Also, I have electronics. Lots more than the average homeowner. No problems at all. None of my computers even sensed a problem. I had one flakey UPS that had a chattering relay when running on the gen. But... more
Pros: Easy To Use, Exceeded Expectations, Reliable, Easy To Store
Drgumby Recommends This Briggs & Stratton Product
Drgumby Would Recommend Electric Generators Direct To A Friend
Web Site


"EGD are the bomb. Ordered, got it 4 days later. No damage, added gas, added oil. Started up with the electric start w/o charging the batt. Only confusion was on my part that the trucker called to schedule a delivery date, and confirmed delivery a day later than the emails being sent. In my case on Long Island, I had to contact the freight carrier directly. But its a no-brainer.."
Was this review helpful?
James L.
Silver Spring, MD
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 2/21/11
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Great Generator
The generator has been used 4 times in two years for a total of about 120 hours. No problems with starting and I even started with the pull cord just to see how hard it would be. Just like a B & S engine it fires right up every time. The best experience I had was when my whole neighborhood lost power in August in Maryland - 90-100 degree weather followed the storm. I threw two window AC units into the common areas of my house and still had enough power for my deep freeze and... more
Was this review helpful?
Sheffield Village, OH
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Battery Start Generator
Got our Briggs & Stratton mid jan 2013, for a back up for our aging one. And had it put together in no time and charged battery and when we put gas in it started right up. We run checks every month and it starts right up. As someone who depends on electricity to keep our sump going when power outages hit, we now have two Briggs & Stratton battery start gen and highly recommend them.
Was this review helpful?
Muncy, PA
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 2/22/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Very Pleased
Very pleased with this purchase from start to finish and Generators Direct had the best price by far. The customer service person I dealt with was very helpful and shipping was painless. The generator was easy to assemble and started the first time I turned the key. Love the electric start and the pull start is easy as well. The 7000W Briggs has more power than what I need but that’s a good thing. I highly recommend the Briggs & Stratton 30470.
Was this review helpful?
Gregg M.
Como, CO
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 6/24/14
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Briggs Awesomeness
I live in a solar house at 10,000 feet. I needed to replace my 17 year old Briggs generator after my electric starter went out and parts were not available anymore. I use the generator weekly to supplement my solar on cloudy days or at times that I need more power than my batteries can supply. This unit was bigger than the one I replaced, but the smallest Briggs I could find with an electric start over 5000 watts. I ordered from Electric Generators Direct after I tried to order the same unit... more
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Store, Exceeded Expectations, Quiet
Gregg Recommends This Briggs & Stratton Product
Was this review helpful?
Thomas G.
Chesterfield, NJ
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 9/26/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Great Buy
This is the third generator I have and looks to be the best. First it was very simple to get it up and running. I had some concerns about installing the wheels because of what I read but the poster obviously didnt read the instructions about tipping the generator up. Anyhow, it started easily from pull start and key start. I connected it to the transfer switch and tested it under full load-heater, well and fridge as well as the lights etc...It performed phenomenal. I didn't rate the generator... more
Pros: Easy To Use, Quiet, Exceeded Expectations, High Quality
Thomas Recommends This Briggs & Stratton Product
Was this review helpful?
Donald S.
Miller Place, NY
Purchased from Electric Generators Direct
Purchased 9/23/13
Total Helpful Votes
12 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Broken Generator
Has only .06 hours on it. Leaked 4 gallons of gas on garage floor. $40.00 to ship to Briggs repair. Waiting
Pros: Easy To Use, Features
Cons: Low Quality, Durability
Donald Does Not Recommend This Product
Jared, the Portable Generator Expert
Product Expert
We're sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your generator. Hopefully Briggs should be able to get it fixed in a timely fashion. If you have any other issues, please let us know.
Was this review helpful?

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