Alberto C.

Product Expert

Alberto Cagnina was born for power equipment. As a kid, he learned by watching and helping his older brother use tools on miscellaneous garage projects. When he got older, Alberto began tackling his own Weekend Warrior assignments, growing increasingly confident doing everything from installing a hardwood floor to replacing a faulty electrical outlet.

Upon graduating with a business degree, Alberto put his technical prowess to use supporting and managing a major home improvement store for over a decade. His experience serving customers laid the foundation for his current role as a generator product expert at Power Equipment Direct.

Alberto's natural fascination with engines, machines, and the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical power has helped him inhale a wealth of generator knowledge over the past several years. He has completed generator certification courses for top brands, including Generac. Whether you need to know which transfer switch to use, or how big a generator you need to run a hot tub in a power outage, Alberto has you covered.

When not counting watts, Alberto enjoys spending time with his family and friends, gaming, and listening to music. You can also still find him tinkering in his garage and helping others with repair and renovation jobs on any given day.

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Alberto C.
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