Portable Professional Generator Buyer's Guide

Portable Professional Generator Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Professional Portable Generator

By  | Generator Product Expert
By  | Generator Product Expert

When you require power on a job site, there are a few different features you may be looking for that differ from those of a semi-pro generator.

With added durability, greater ease of use, and industry standard safety requirements, professional generators are designed to meet the needs of a job site.

Professional portable generators feature more powerful engines, larger gas tanks, improved lubrication within the engine, and other ease-of-use features.

Sizing Your Generator
Determine what tools or equipment you'll be running at a given moment. Add up the wattage requirements for all of the tools and equipment that will be running.

Don't forget to include lights if you work in the dark at all, and be sure you use the starting watts for larger equipment.

Hour Meters
For professionals, an hour meter is essential. When you're using your generator frequently, it's important that you keep track of how many hours it's operated so you can be sure to change the oil and maintain your generator properly.

Because some generators are made without hour meters, you can purchase and install one if necessary.

Lifting Eyes
Because professional contractors often find themselves loading and unloading heavy equipment, professional portable generators come with a lifting eye for hoisting and securing your generator without having to overexert yourself.

GFCI Outlets
All professional grade portable generators have GFCI protected outlets in order to meet OSHA standards on job sites. These are exceptionally helpful in decreasing the possibility of electrocution.

Because of the GFCI protection, you may need a GFI transfer switch should you wish to connect to a home for emergency backup power. Learn more about how to prevent tripping your generator outlet.

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