Introducing the Best Generators of 2018

Introducing the Best Generators of 2018

Electric Generators Direct Unveils Top Generators of the Year

BOLINGBROOK, IL (June 14, 2018) - Electric Generators Direct has revealed their highly-anticipated lists of the Best Generators of 2018. Electric Generators Direct helps homeowners and businesses better prepare for hurricane season, power outages, and extreme conditions with its best-of lists, how-to guides, and expert generator advice.

The site currently lists almost 760 generator models and has published nearly 12,000 reviews from actual online generator shoppers.

Using an advanced algorithm, Electric Generators Direct can produce precise grades for all of the generators on the site. Online shoppers also enjoy real-time updates through comprehensive lists of the highest-rated power solutions on the market today.

“Out of the thousands of generators available today, each one has a unique purpose and price tag,” said Mike Sawisch, product expert at "We keep it simple and highlight the best generators in each category that buyers highly value. Don't take our word for it, you can read past customer reviews!"

The top generators of 2018 include everything from small portable inverters, popular among tailgaters and campers, to portable emergency and whole house standby generators — on which homeowners rely during storm season.

According to Sawisch, Electric Generators Direct's rankings are the best source for 2018 generator ratings and rankings for three reasons:

1. Three "Best of" Lists for Each Category
Because people have different ideas about which is "the best" generator out there, Electric Generators Direct publishes three separate lists for each category of generator. Site visitors can sort generators by (best-selling) products, how highly customers review a product (top-rated), or models that experts recommend based on testing and consistent customer feedback.

The online retailer features separate lists for each of the 12 styles of generators, ranging from small camping generators to massive commercial standby units.

2. Real-Time Updates
Electric Generators Direct updates its rankings in real-time, unlike other "best-seller" lists on the internet which are updated annually. That way, shoppers will always see a current list of what's popular in 2018.

“Our customers decide the quality of the products we sell after using them first, and the ratings are based on online shopper reviews and additional feedback. We also encourage you to submit your own review and rating to instantly influence the overall letter grade on that generator” said Sawisch, who personally works with the leading generator manufacturers and actual customers before recommending the highest quality models.

3. Free Access
Electric Generators Direct doesn't require shoppers to sign-up for a subscription or a membership. The company's goal is to educate shoppers with free information to help them choose the best generator for their needs.

Sawisch continued, "Don't waste your time or money researching the wrong products and making a bad purchase. Our lists are an aggregated mix of expert recommendations and customer ratings that leave nothing to chance."

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