Best 10kW - 12kW Home Standby Generators

Best 10kW - 12kW Home Standby Generators

Top-Rated & Best-Selling 10-12kW Standby Generators

By  | Generator Product Expert
By  | Generator Product Expert

The more kilowatts your home standby generator has, the more appliances you can back up, and the longer you can do it for.

A midsize standby is for you if you want more than just the basics.

This year, we're making it easy to find the best-selling, the top-rated, and expert-recommended 10kW-12kW home standby generators.

Read our customer picks below, or check out our Home Standby Generator Buyer's Guide first.

Top 10 Selling 10kW - 12kW Home Standby Generators

Top 10 Rated 10kW - 12kW Home Standby Generators

Recommended 10kW - 12kW Home Standby Generators

Top 10-12kW Home Standby Generators
Briggs & Stratton 10kW Standby Generator System (Steel) (200A Service Disconnect + AC Shedding)
The Briggs 10 kilowatt home standby generator is one of the smallest-footprint, whole house style, generators with its 200A service disconnect transfer switch which includes Briggs ACCM - Air Conditioning Control Manager. The ACCM allows you to m...
Generac Guardian™ 10kW Aluminum Standby Generator System (100A ATS w/ 16-Circuit Load Center) w/ Wi-Fi
5.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 5
Generac has come out with a new 7172 10kW standby generator. . The Evolution series digital controller allows for some really neat accessories. Wireless monitors are offered in 3 styles: basic status alerts, advanced wireless monitoring, or the mo...
Kohler 12RESVL - 12kW Home Standby Generator System (100A 12-Circuit Automatic Switch)
The Kohler 12RESVL 12kw is a powerful yet compact design that comes with PowerBoost technology for larger starting capacity. Will the help of the PowerBoost technology, this 12kw unit can start up a 5-ton central air conditioner while similar models ...