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Getting Permission

Getting Permission

How to Secure Permits for Standby Generator Installation

By  | Generator Product Expert

Before installation can begin, you'll need to obtain the necessary permit(s) from your local municipality.

Obtaining permits can take a while, so some people may consider them to be a hassle, but they can be beneficial.

If you have a permit, you know your installer's licensed, and the village inspector will inspect the installation afterwards to ensure the job was done right.

What Permits are Required?
Generator Installation PermitsPermit requirements vary from municipality to municipality. Don't fret if you're not sure who to call.

Electrical permits are almost always required because most of the work is electrical.

A plumbing permit is not usually required. However, some municipalities do require one.

Am I Responsible for Obtaining the Permits?
Installer Calling for PermitsPermits can not usually be obtained by homeowners without a license.

It is the professional installer's responsibility, as the one who's licensed, to obtain any necessary permits for installation.

The permits usually have a small fee attached, but this can be included in the cost of the installation.

What if I Need a Plumbing Permit?
Subcontracted PlumberGenerally, your installer can handle all aspects of the installation. In some rare occasions, however, a municipality may require a separate licensed plumber.

In these instances, the installer will subcontract a plumber and have them obtain the permit so that the homeowner doesn't have to.

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