Standby Generator Essentials

Standby Generator Essentials

How to Accessorize Your Standby Generator

Jared, the Generator Expert
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Investing in a standby generator means investing in reliable backup power. To make the most of this investment, you might consider adding the following standby generator accessories. While some are required, others are simply a great idea that you won't regret. 


Generator Pads

gen padStandby generators come equipped with a composite base on the bottom. While it is not required, we highly recommend this generator accessory to raise your generator one grade higher, keeping it level and safe during a torrential downpour.

Generator pads are composed of high-strength fibers and cement, so they won't shift, crack or degrade over time. They also include galvanized bolts for securing your generator directly to the pad.

New to the market are QwikHurricane generator pads. These innovative pads are sold at a weight of 40 pounds for easy transportation. During setup, the installer pours water inside which reacts with a special polymer to form a gel that increases the pad's weight to roughly 330 pounds. You're left with a sturdy and secure generator pad that will protect your standby for years to come.



Standby Generator BatteryA battery is a required generator accessory. The battery jump starts the standby generator to get the engine running. Otherwise, you need to be home to pull a recoil cord to start it, which totally defeats the purpose of automatic backup power.

To ensure the battery is fresh at time of setup, it's typically not sold pre-installed. Instead, it's often sold as part of a standby generator kit. Otherwise, you need to buy one separately. Learn more about electric generator batteries.


Cold Weather Kits

Cold Weather KitYour battery will serve you well... as long as it doesn't freeze. If you live in climates where the temperature plummets below freezing for extended periods, you should consider a cold-weather kit as one of your generator accessories.

The kit basically keeps your battery toasty. Plus, it keeps the oil from freezing into sludge. We recommend installing a cold weather kit at the same time your generator is installed.


Generator Monitoring

Generator MonitoringGenerator monitoring utilizes a remote monitoring system attached to your generator. It allows you to check on your standby generator from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

This system will promptly alert you (or your installer) of a potential problem or service issue, giving you ample time to remedy the situation between outages.


Smart Management Modules

smart management moduleIf you want to get the most power for your money, smart management modules are the perfect generator accessory.

Smart management modules connect to individual electric circuits in your home and are each assigned a priority level. The priority level corresponds to the importance of the load during a power outage, and the modules manage what comes on or off depending on what the generator can handle.

For example, suppose you connect a module to the circuit controlling your fridge and assign it priority one. The modules will work to make sure the fridge is always powered, even if it means cutting power to lower priority items, such as your toaster. By managing power, the modules potentially let you save money by buying a smaller-size generator than you might otherwise need.


Lift Gate Service

liftgateStandby generator systems don't ship in little brown trucks. Instead, they will arrive at your home on a semi-truck designed for loading docks.

We strongly recommend ordering liftgate service to safely lower it from the back of the truck to the curb. Otherwise, it will take an army of people to unload the 500-pound generator without destroying it upon descent.


Accessorize Your Generator

Standby generator accessories can provide extra protection for your investment and enrich the use of your product. If you have any questions about which generator accessories might benefit you, please contact us at 1-800-800-3317.


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Jared, the Generator Expert
Generator Expert
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