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How to Accessorize Your Standby Generator

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Think about it. Your standby generator will only be installed once.

Your best bet is to order and install everything simultaneously, saving your installer multiple trips to your house.

Here are a few goodies to consider getting before for the big installation day:

Generator Pads
Generator PadsStandby generators come equipped with a composite base on the bottom.

While it is not required, we highly recommend the use of a generator pad to raise your generator one level higher, keeping it level and secure during a torrential downpour.

Generator pads are composed of high-strength fibers and cement, so they won't shift, crack or degrade over time. They also include galvanized bolts for bolting your generator directly to the pad.

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Generator BatteriesThere's a reason batteries are sold separately. You want it to be fresh when you buy it. Otherwise, a standby generator is just a big paper weight.

The battery basically jump starts the standby generator. Without the battery, you need to be home to pull a recoil cord to start it, which totally defeats the purpose.

Cold Weather Kits
Cold Weather KitsYour battery will serve you well... as long as it doesn't freeze. If you live in climates where the temperature plummets below freezing for extended periods, you should consider a Cold Weather Kit too.

The kit basically keeps your battery toasty. Plus, it keeps the oil from freezing into sludge. We recommend installing a Cold Weather Kit at the same time your generator is installed.

Generator Monitoring
Generac Mobile LinkGenerator monitoring utilizes a remote monitoring system. It attaches to your generator, allowing you to monitor your standby generator from anywhere in the world via your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

This system will promptly alert you (or your installer) of a potential problem or service issue, giving you ample time to remedy the situation between outages.

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Lift Gate Service
Lift Gate ServiceStandby generator systems don't ship in little brown trucks. Instead, they will arrive at your home on a semi-truck designed for loading docks.

We strongly recommend ordering lift gate service to safely lower it from the back of the truck to the curb. Otherwise, it will take an army of people to unload the 500-pound generator without destroying it upon descent.

What is Lift Gate Service?

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