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How to Buy a Standby Generator Battery

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You made the smart investment in a home standby generator to avoid the inconveniences and potential dangers of power outages during emergencies. However, a standby generator without a functioning battery to start it is just an expensive lawn ornament.

Other than having a battery on hand, it's also equally important to knowhow to maintain your generator in extreme conditions.

Just like your car, a standby generator requires a 12-volt battery to start the engine. If you are purchasing a home standby generator, we recommend purchasing a battery at the same time to avoid hassles and potential risks of imminent power outages.

Buying Batteries Online
A setback with buying 12V batteries online is the shipping. However, if you order a battery when you purchase a Generac or select Briggs standby generator, we are able to bundle them together in one shipment.

Please Note: This only applies to Generac and select Briggs standby generators that we have in stock. If you buy a Kohler, Cummins-Onan, or a Generac or Briggs generator that is not in-stock, you'll need to buy your battery locally.

Buying Batteries in Stores
You can find 12V batteries in auto supply stores. The batteries are the same ones used in a car. The important thing is to buy the compatible battery for your generator brand and/or size.

Battery Types for Air Cooled Generators Up to 22kW
Generac Group 26-R (540cca)
Kohler Group 51 (500cc)
Briggs Group 26-R

Battery Maintenance

Most home standby generator batteriesare"Wet Cell" batteries, meaning they transmit electrical current via acid-covered lead plates submerged in electrolyte. To ensure they operate at full capacity, they should be regularly checked and topped off using distilled water if necessary. This prevents the cells from damage caused by drying out.

Cold Weather Kits

Did you know you can buy cold weather kits made specifically to ensure that your home standby starts like it should during extremely cold weather? They include battery warmers and even oil heaters that give the engine the support it needs to fire up easily.

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