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How to Buy a Standby Generator Battery

By  | Generator Product Expert

The last time the battery on your cell phone died, you probably realized how much you rely on it.

A phone without batteries is useless. Likewise, a standby generator without a battery won't be much help either.

Standby generators require a 12V battery to start.

Without a battery, they're pretty much just a big lawn ornament.

Where to Buy
You may have had fruitless Google searches for standby generator batteries, but you can buy them online.

Online - The problem with buying 12V batteries online, is they cannot be shipped alone.

However, if you order a battery when you purchase a Generac or select Briggs standby generator, we are able to bundle the shipment. That way you can get a battery with your order.

Please Note: This only applies to Generac and select Briggs standby generators that we have in stock.
If you buy a Kohler, Cummins-Onan, or a Generac or Briggs that is not in-stock, you'll need to buy your battery locally.

Locally In Stores - You can find 12V batteries in auto supply stores. The batteries are the same as you'd use for a car.

The important thing is to buy the compatible battery for your generator brand and/or size.

Battery Types for Air Cooled Generators Up to 22kW
GeneracGroup 26-R (540cca)
KohlerGroup 51 (500cc)
BriggsGroup 26-R


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