Standby Sizing Calculator
Standby Sizing Calculator
Setting the Surface

Setting the Surface

How to Prepare the Foundation for a Standby Generator

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Smaller air-cooled generators come equipped with a composite base attached to the bottom. You don't need to pour a concrete pad unless you're installing a large liquid-cooled behemoth. If you hire a Preferred Installer, they will typically prepare the surface for you.

Marking Generator Spot With Paint1. Paint Marks the Spot Once you've decided on a safe and suitable location for your standby generator, use some spray paint to mark where it will be installed. You can find the exact dimensions for your standby generator in your owner's manual.
Pouring Pea Gravel for Generator Foundation2. Pouring the Pebble Pour pea gravel down to cover the marked area. You'll need to use a minimum of four 50-pound bags. If the area is uneven or slanted, you'll need to use 6-10 bags so you can fill in the uneven spots and level it out.
Leveling a Generator Foundation3. Using Your Level Using a 2x4 or a level, smooth the top layer of pea gravel until it appears flat and even. Once it looks good, lay your level down from one side to the other and make sure the gravel is level. If it's not, move the gravel a bit to even it out. Once it's evenly balanced, turn the level perpendicular and make sure it's evenly balanced the other way.
Placing a Generator Pad4. Placing the GenPad Once you have your pea gravel flat and level, you can set your generator directly on top of it. We recommend raising your generator another level higher by installing an optional GenPad between your generator and pea gravel. Whatever route you take, it's always a good idea to install your generator on a flat, hard, raised surface. This will keep it drier and prevent it from sinking into the ground.
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