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How to Parallel Two Portable Generators

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Powering an RV air conditioner is a simple proposition.

Besides an RV generator you've got a lot of options.

The problem is most generators big enough to power an air conditioner are too big to be moved by one person.

If this is the case, parallel two smaller inverter generators to get the same effect.

30 Amp OutletTandem Generators
If you already own an inverter generator, you can buy an accompanying compatible unit, which tethers to the original generator with a set of cables, and back to the AC unit.

The Honda companion unit has a 30-amp twist-lock outlet so you can plug into the air conditioner. In this instance, you'll need to buy the companion generator and the cables separately, but then the kit will be complete.

Yamaha Tandem Inverter GeneratorsFor some models, there may be no exclusive companion unit, but you can still parallel most inverter generators with parallel cables that have a 30-amp outlet. These cables are used to parallel two of the same generators when a companion unit is not available. You can use these cables for 3000-watt inverter generators as well, but be sure to only pair matching generators with the same amperage and voltage.

Companion Kits
Companion Generator KitIf you don't have a generator yet, or are looking to start fresh, our Honda companion kits and Yamaha parallel kits offer everything you need in one package.

Instead of buying all the components separately, just make one purchase that includes everything you need. Inverter generators that are compatible for pairing together and parallel cables together in one convenient package. All you need to do is pack up and go.

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