Recreational Generator Buyer's Guide

Recreational Generator Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Recreational Generator

When you think of recreation, you think of relaxing in peace or having fun without the worries of everyday life dragging you down. So why stress over a loud, obnoxious generator?


If you're looking to replace your ancient, loud generator with a generator that is made for recreational activities like camping, hunting, tailgating, and outdoor barbeques, then you've come to the right place. 


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What is a Recreational Generator?

The term "recreational generator" is meant to describe any electric generator used for a non-emergency backup or non-professional application. Basically, recreational generators are used for fun stuff. You won't find them on a construction zone, and you shouldn't rely on one when the power goes out.


Since they're meant for outdoor activities like camping, recreational generators don't need as much power. Therefore, their wattage output will be lower than emergency backup or professional generators.

Generators with Advanced Electronics

Advanced Technology

If you've been keeping up with technology in the past few years, you know one thing to be sure — it changes fast and changes all of the time. 


In fact, according to Moore's Law, improvements in technology basically double every two years and is based on the observation that the number of transistors in microchip doubles in that time. But, did you know even with these advancements, the power demands have increased over time? And, older, open-frame type generators have a harder time powering these modern electronics? 


This means that modern generators with built-in microprocessors, aka inverters, also advance with technology. You'll notice these generators are getting more powerful while becoming smaller, stronger yet quieter, and able to power sensitive electronics while being more durable.


It's true, the next generation of generators is here, and they are even easier to operate now than they ever have been. Some even come with remote controls and apps for your phone!  



Generator Recreational Uses

Inverter GeneratorInverter generators are ideal for outdoor adventures, such as:


Generator Loudness

Aside from load requirements, one of the most important aspects of an outdoor recreational generator is its decibel level. You don't want to be that guy or gal that ruins the party for everyone or scares away the game for miles. 

Not to worry, inverters compared to open-frame emergency generators, are extremely quiet because they utilize a unique type of alternator to generate very clean AC power. The engine can also run at varying speeds, significantly reducing noise levels and fuel consumption.

If you are looking for a completely silent power source that does not need to be gassed or produces any fumes and is safe for indoor use, you may want to consider a portable power station, sometimes called a solar generator. 

Sizing a Recreational Generator

Like with any generator, sizing a recreational generator depends on figuring out the wattages of all the appliances you'll want to power simultaneously. Maybe you just need a single lamp powered, or maybe you're an ultimate tailgater who wants to run a margarita maker and nacho cheese machine.

Lucky for you, we have a portable generator wattage calculator to help you figure out your power needs. Just choose how many appliances you want to power, and it will give you a range of generator options.

Ready for the Great Outdoors

Sure, you can use an emergency generator at your campsite, but why torment yourself? With a proper recreational generator, you can power sensitive electronics like cell phones or laptops, and the noise won't drive campers crazy!

Get ready to take in everything mother nature has to offer with the most-advanced technology generators have to offer. 

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