What Size Generator Do I Need?

What Size Generator Do I Need?

Generator Wattage Calculator

So you've decided you want the peace-of-mind that only backup generator power can provide. Right off the bat, the biggest hurdle is how to size your generator.

There are two types of generators:

  • Portable generators require manual setup but can be taken anywhere for on-the-go power. They are best for powering critical appliances and typically max out at 17,000 watts.

  • Standby Generators are permanently installed and hardwired to your home. They can power everything from essential circuits to the whole house and automatically monitor for power outages, at which point they turn themselves on/off.

What Type of Power Do I Need?

Choose whether you want portable or automatic standby power and you'll be taken to the appropriate generator sizing calculator.

Manual Portable Power Generator

Manual Portable Power Generator

  • Emergency Backup
  • Recreational Use
  • Job-site Use
Automatic<br>Standby Power Generator

Standby Power Generator

  • Permanent Installation
  • Whole-Home Backup
  • Automatic Operation

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