How Do You Protect a Portable Generator From Rain?

How Do You Protect a Portable Generator From Rain?

Benefits and Selection of GenTent Generator Canopies

It's the catch-22 of running a generator. You need it when there's a blackout and it's pouring outside, but you can't let it get wet because electricity and water don't mix. Same goes for when you want power during a stormy night on a camping trip.

The answer, of course, is to keep it covered with a generator rain shelter or canopy while its running. A GenTent generator canopy is specifically designed to fit your unit and helps ensure you get power when you need it most.


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GenTent Generator Canopy vs the Rest

Compared to Alternatives

You may have a steel enclosure, a plastic shed, a pop-up canopy, or other make-shift structure for protecting your portable generator.

One major benefit GenTent has over all of those other generator rain shelters is that it's mobile and non-restrictive. The GenTent attaches to the generator itself and doesn't make contact with the ground.

This means you can roll your portable generator wherever you want it without having to remove the GenTent. All sensitive components are optimally protected without restricting access during use.

Outlets remain dry, regardless of weather. Even with hurricane and blizzard force precipitation, the GenTent keeps your generator safe and dry.


Better Ventilation

Unlike other canopies and shelters, the GenTent allows unrestricted ventilation and air flow while the generator is running. The fresh air intake isn't blocked by the cover, so you know your generator's motor won't be choked out.

Heat generated by the motor can naturally radiate and vent, so overheating becomes a concern of the past.

Custom Compatibility

Gentent VentilationGenTent has custom designs for over 1,000 different generator makes and models. The canopy itself is really one-size-fits-all due to its fully adjustable clamping or strap-based mounting methods.

There are various mounting methods for a custom fit on almost any portable generator. The mounting methods create a perfect fit across a wide variety of generator sizes and shapes. However, GenTent canopies are not recommended or designed for open-top generators that have their muffler positioned at or near the top of the unit where the muffler heat could collect inside the canopy.

Use the tool below to find the perfect GenTent for your generator, and rest assured that your generator will survive the storm.


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