Louisiana Man Wins $500 in Review Contest

Louisiana Man Wins $500 in Review Contest

Dual Fuel Portable Emergency Generator Video Review

BUSH, LA (November 16, 2017) - A prepper from Louisiana became $500 richer after he was announced the winner of Power Equipment Direct's video review contest.

Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a bi-monthly video review competition that offers their customers an opportunity to win $500 by posting their honest and informative product reviews. The videos are then featured on the website and helps others by demonstrating the products in action and offering tips. This month's winner is Eli W. of Bush, Louisiana for his review of a Firman Hybrid Series Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator.

"This is a fantastic video that is packed with information that people will want to know when it comes to portable generators," explained Jared Grifo, portable generator expert at Electric Generators Direct. "Eli called out important key features like the ability to use either gasoline or propane, electric start with a digital read-out, and 2-120v GCFI protected household outlets in addition to 3-prong and 4-prong 30-amp outlets.

Eli also provided answers to frequently asked questions regarding tank capacity and run times. He does a very good job showing you how this generator would operate in the real-world and the various uses for the home or for RV camping.

If you're in the market for an emergency portable generator, I highly recommend watching Eli's video review of his Firman generator. This video is exactly what we hope customers will share. It's informative, engaging, and it explains how to set up and use the product."

When PED reached out to Eli, he continued to rave about the product featured in his video.

"I did a lot of research on generators before making a purchase," Eli explained. "In south Louisiana, we get a lot of storms, so I wanted something that was electric and pull start, dual fuel, had a 30amp plug, and a large fuel capacity.

I live way out in the country and the power is not reliable when storms roll through. I was wanting something large enough to run my camper if needed, or run a single room in my house to provide shelter. This generator will accomplish both of those [individual] tasks with ease."

Eli also elaborated about his experience purchasing from a Power Equipment Direct store.

"I found this generator at ElectricGeneratorsDirect.com and the price included free freight and liftgate service! I had the generator within 4 days of ordering. This is a great generator and will last for many years to come! Great Generator! Great Service!"

Keep an eye on Power Equipment Direct for updates or learn how to submit your own review. You could be next to win $500.

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