Best Home Standby Generators

Best Home Standby Generators

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Standby Generators

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Nothing beats the peace-of-mind that comes with an automatic standby generator. But it can be hard to choose! That's why we put together the Best Standby Generators of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect type for your needs. 


If you're not sure what kind of standby generator you need, check out our Standby Generator Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation. You can also peruse our other lists of Best Electric Generators.


Best Standby Generators List

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Best 10-12kW Standby Generator

Learn More About Briggs & Stratton 40450
Expert Review
The Briggs 10 kilowatt home standby generator is one of the smallest-footprint, whole house style, generators with its 200A service disconnect transfer switch which includes Briggs ACCM - Air Conditioning Control Manager. The ACCM allows you to manage up to 2 central AC units (3-Ton) while preventing you from overloading the generator. If the load becomes too much, the ACCM takes control and shuts down the AC units as needed and when load drops it will allow the AC to come back on. This will make your next hot summer power outage much more bearable. When the generator doesn't have enough power, it will shut down the AC so it can keep other essential items in use. The Briggs 40450 comes with a five-year warranty and is coupled with a dependable Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. Folks can rest easy knowing they'll have years of reliable backup power.
Fully Automatic Operation - Includes Automatic Transfer Switch
    10kW (LP) /9kW (NG) Automatic Start Power Generator
    • Runs off LP or Natural Gas - no gas cans to fill and store
    570cc Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Commercial Grade Vanguard Engine
    • Provides years of long lasting, reliable standby power
    200-Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch (71068)
    • Offers ability to power all circuits without a sub-panel
    • Rated at 200-Amps @ 240-Volts (NEMA 3R)
    Symphony II Transfer Switch (2 x 3-Ton AC)
    • Computer controlled load management power switching
    • Expand your generators range by prioritizing powered circuits

    Best 13-15kW Standby Generator

    Learn More About Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS
    Fully Automatic Operation - Includes Automatic Transfer Switch
      RXT 200A Service Entrance Rated Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switch
      • NEMA 3R Enclosure mounts between meter & main service panel
      Kohler Command PRO® OHV Engine
      • Powerful and reliable engine with hydraulic valve lifters
      PowerBoost™ Technology
      • Greater motor-starting ability for large electrical loads
      Fast Response & Cleaner Power for Sensitive Electronics
      • Kohler™ generators restore power in as little as 10 seconds
      • Protects sophisticated electronics with low distortion (THD)

      Best 16-17kW Standby Generator

      Learn More About Cummins Power Generation A061C596
      Expert Review
      These 17kW generators are extremely popular because they pack enough power to run a 5-ton air conditioner. This model sells the best for a few reasons: 1. It has a 999cc Cummins Air-Cooled V-Twin OHV Engine which is field-selectable to run on ultra-efficient natural gas or LP. 2. It includes a patented "Crank Only" Exercise Mode that provides diagnostics without running the engine for less wear and lower fuel costs. 3. The Cummins Connect Cloud for remote monitoring allows you to download an app and use your computer, tablet or phone for maximum monitoring flexibility.
      Cummins Quiet Connect™ Series 17kW Air-Cooled Standby Generator
      • New for 2017 with improved design, exercise modes, load management & monitoring
      Weather Protective Aluminum/Steel Sound Enclosure
      • Can be installed* within 18" of a build (NFPA 37) - Always check local building codes
      • Sound dampening engineering limits noise level to a low 65dB(A) @ 7M
      999cc Cummins Air-Cooled V-Twin OHV Engine
      • Field-selectable, runs on ultra efficient natural gas or LP (vapor)
      • Low oil pressure shutdown provides added safety and longevity
      < 5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
      • Clean power that won't damage your electronic devices
      Patented "Crank Only" Exercise Mode
      • Provides diagnostics without running engine for less wear and lower fuel costs
      • Allows user to select time, date and frequency of exercise

      Best 20-22kW Standby Generator

      Learn More About Generac Guardian 7043
      Expert Review
      Generac is the only manufacturer that offers a 22kW air-cooled home standby generator. This unit is unlike any home standby currently available and is far below the price of a comparable liquid-cooled model. At 22kW, model 70432 is the largest air-cooled generator on the market. This model replaces the 7043 and is basically the same except it now includes Mobile Link Wi-Fi remote monitoring. It is equipped with a 5-year warranty and has all of the features and functionality that customers have come to expect from the number one standby generator manufacturer. Generac, through strategy and innovation, has broken the value barrier that seemed immovable. Generac engineers took a multi-faceted approach to innovation to break this value barrier. A breakthrough engine and alternator combination was developed, utilizing the latest in high-tech Powertrain technology to help achieve a record-breaking 22kW output level. This unit also boasts an even quieter QuietTest mode by operating at 1950 rpm, versus the standard QuietTest rpm of 2400. This feature allows it to consume less fuel during the bi-weekly exercise and is even more lot-line friendly due to the reduced sound outputs. The included 200-Amp service-entrance automatic transfer switch features load shedding, which allows you to manage two central AC's. When it doesn't, it keeps the essentials going and locks out the luxuries.
      22kW (LPG) / 19.5kW (NG) Guardian Air-Cooled Standby Generator
      • Protects your home and family during a power outage
      • Digital Power Management (DPM) protects against overload
      Includes Mobile Link™ Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring*
      • Monitor generator status on a smart phone, tablet or PC
      • *Requires internet connection and wireless router
      Includes 200-Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Smart Switch
      • Installs between main meter & service panel for faster & less costly installation
      • DPM technology allows for the Smart Control of (4) A/C units
      • Great for homes with multiple Air conditioners (24 VAC controlled)
      Add Up To (8) Smart Management Modules (SMM) (Sold Separately)
      • Frequency (Hz) monitoring design, no control wire required
      • Versatile design, easily prioritize loads & lock-out non-essential loads
      5-Year Limited Warranty + 24/7-365 Customer Support
      • Have your questions answered when it's convenient for you

      Best Whole House Generator

      Learn More About Cummins Power Generation A051Y417
      Expert Review
      The Cummins RS36 is a great 36kW liquid-cooled generator This model sells the best for a few reasons: Its Cummins 2.4L Turbocharged Liquid-Cooled Engine and the 1800 RPM design provides fuel efficient and quiet operation. It has a corrosion-resistant Advanced Design Sound Attenuated Aluminum Enclosure. It comes equipped with industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities
      Cummins Quiet Connect
      • Great for home & light commercial applications
      Powerd By Cummins 2.4L Turbocharged Liquid-Cooled Engine
      • 1800 RPM design provides reliability and fuel efficiency
      Brushless CA Series Alternator
      • Provides +/- 1% voltage & +/- 0.75% frequency regulation
      • As close to utility power as you can get in a standby generator
      Advanced Design Sound Attenuated Aluminum Enclosure
      • Aesthetically appealing withstands winds up to 150 MPH
      • One of the quietest generators of its kind (63dB @ 7M)
      PowerCommand® Electronic Control
      • Provides industry-leading self-diagnostic capabilities

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