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Generator Forecast 2006

Generator Forecast 2006

Generators Could Be In Short Supply This Hurricane Season

ROMEOVILLE, IL (March 22, 2006) - Hurricane season is still two months away, but the mad rush for emergency power generators has already started., an online generator superstore carrying the leading generator brands, is already experiencing a huge surge in generator sales this Spring.

"A lot of people are still rebuilding from Katrina, Rita and Wilma," said Jon Hoch, founder of "They're not waiting for a tropical depression to form before they start preparing for hurricane season."

Generator manufacturers ran out of inventory three years in a row. Last year, it took them until January to replenish inventories from the 2005 Hurricane season.

"Do the math," warns Hoch. "The manufacturers only have a couple months to build massive inventories. Plus, a lot of the good portable generators will be gone before Hurricane season officially starts."

He warns that even if the manufacturers have the capacity to build more generators, they might not have the parts. Engines and other key components are already in tight supply.

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The Brief Calm Before the Storm
First Bands of Hurricane KatrinaAccording to Hoch, emergency generator prices are influenced by the simple economics of supply and demand.

"The best time to buy a generator is between power outages, when supplies are plentiful and promotions are prevalent," says Hoch.

Right now, manufacturers have limited quantities of generators in stock. However, don't expect this surplus to last very long.

"If you wait until after the storm hits to get a generator, there's a good chance that you either won't get one or you'll pay way too much for it."

Last year, stores sold out in a matter of hours. Many desperate homeowners had no choice but to buy overpriced professional-grade generators with features they'd never use. And some customers waited up to four months to receive their backordered generator.
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