Propane RV Generators

How to Pick the Perfect Propane RV Generator

By  | Generator Product Expert

You've established that you want your RV generator to run on propane fuel, but you aren't finished yet. The next important factor in selecting an RV generator is figuring out how much power you'll need to generate. You don't want to overpay for too much power, but you should definitely make sure you've got enough to power everything you plan on running!
Select a Size RV Air ConditionerHow much power you'll need will determine what size of RV generator to choose. Start by looking around your RV for appliances that run on 120 volts. The RV air conditioner is usually the largest power requirement.

Add the power requirements, in watts, for all the devices that you will run at the same time. Air conditioners have starting wattage requirements higher than the running watts. Use the starting wattage requirement for the largest appliance you'll run and the running watts for all other appliances. This will determine the minimum wattage needed. When connecting your generator to your RV, you may need some additional accessories. Make sure you know all of the parts you will need before you hit the road. Each product page has a handy list of accessories recommended for RV generators to get you fully prepared.


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