Frightening Fish Tank Tales

Frightening Fish Tank Tales

How to Save Your Fish Tank from Power Failure

Jared, the Generator Expert
Generator Expert

Coral reefs are fragile, but it often takes a disaster to disrupt a natural one.

Stick a coral reef into a fish tank, and it's literally on life support. A simple power outage can turn your aquarium into a mortuary in less than 48 hours.

Without power, your water pumps immediately seize up. The stagnant water quickly loses oxygen, and fish start suffocating.

Without electricity, your lights go dark. Your corals start starving because they need light to produce food.

Without a UV sterilizer, heater and protein skimmer, disease spreads rapidly as the weaker creatures start dying. The ammonia levels skyrocket, contaminating the water and eventually killing hardier invertebrates.

Race Against Time
Our two battery backups lasted on 20 minutesLast year, an ordinary thunderstorm knocked out power in Chicago for 2-3 days.

We already had a battery backup system for our 250-gallon saltwater fish tank. Itís larger than most fish tanks, so we spent around $400 to buy two of the biggest battery backup systems available.

What a waste! Our two battery backups ran for a whopping 20 minutes.

It doesnít take long for battery backups to go dead along with your fish. We sell generators, so we didnít have any problems finding a backup generator.

Other fish tank owners werenít so fortunate. We heard plenty of horror stories on how extremely expensive fish tanks decomposed in just a few days.

A generator sounds expensive, but itíll cost more time, energy and money to replace your fish than it does to save them.

Always run your generator outside since they produce deadly carbon monoxide gas. Donít kill yourself while saving your fish.

Wattage Requirements

Reliance AmWatt Load TesterFish tanks consume lots of electricity. We actually measured the wattage using a Reliance AmWatt Load Tester.

Simply plug the equipment into the wattage meter. Then plug the wattage meter into the wall to get an accurate measurement.

* Protein Skimmer Water Pump = 105 Watts
* Water Pump 1 = 60 Watts
* Water Pump 2 = 60 Watts
* Heater 1 = 190 Watts
* Heater 2 = 190 Watts
* UV Sterilizer 1 = 30 Watts
* UV Sterilizer 2 = 30 Watts
* Light 1 (Blue/White/Fan) = 200 Watts
* Light 2 (Blue/White/Fan) = 200 Watts

Based on our calculations, we used a Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator to revive our fish tank. It worked like a charm. It packed plenty of power to start everything and save the fish.

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Jared, the Generator Expert
Generator Expert
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