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Gasoline Stockpile

How to Safely Stockpile Emergency Gasoline

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Gasoline Stockpile

A portable generator is just a machine that converts gasoline into electricity.

If you donít have gasoline, you donít have electricity.

You have a portable generator.

So, why donít you have 24 gallons of gasoline readily available?

During a disaster, you have more important things to do than drive across town just to stand in line for gasoline.

The First Five Gallons
Most emergency generators already hold 5 gallons worth of fuel. Storing gasoline in your fuel tank is no different than storing it in a gas can Ė with one major exception.

You can store gasoline in the generator ONLY if you shut off the fuel supply valve AND run the engine dry. Otherwise, we do not recommend it.

The Next Five Gallons
Most people already have a 5-gallon gas can at home. You're going to need it.

This way, you can leave extra fuel behind while youíre searching across town, looking for an open gas station.

The Last 14-Gallons
Your stockpile is almost halfway complete, but hardly convenient.

With a single gas can, you'll be making trips to the gas station every few hours to refuel.

Instead, we recommend getting the Flo N' Go DuraMax gas can.

DuraMax 14 Gallon Gas CanNaturally, you don't want to pour gasoline on a fire. Nor do we recommend refueling a generator while it's hot.

With the DuraMax gas can, you have better control of dispensing gasoline, helping to eliminate spillage and overfills.

If youíre lucky and donít use your generator, you can always use the gasoline for other outdoor power equipment. Or, you can easily pump it into your car.

Fresh Fuel

Sta-Bil 16 oz. Fuel StabilizerIf the gasoline sits too long in the carburetor, it will turn to varnish and gum up.

Rotate your fuel supply at least once per year to ensure your generator starts when you need it most.

We strongly recommend mixing Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer with your gas.

A 10-ounce bottle will keep 25 gallons of gasoline fresh for a whole year. If you double the dosage, it can stay fresh for up to two years.

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Expert advice on how to prepare for an emergency by stock-piling gasoline to power your generator once the electricity is out. Hurricanes and storms cause power outages, sometimes for days, so it is important to have a supply of gasoline to keep your generator running and your lights and appliances on.