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Blizzard Blackout

How to Survive a Winter Power Outage

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Blizzard Blackout

Ice storms and blizzards can snap power lines just as easily as any hurricane, spawning prolonged power outages during the darkest days of the year.

You don’t have to look too hard to find someone who’s weathered a winter power outage.

Just ask me. A few years ago, my family endured a 4-day power outage, turning my home into a walk-in freezer.

When the power went out, so did our electric-powered blower. So even though we had a natural gas furnace, it was rendered useless during the height of the blizzard.

One Hot Commodity
Portable GeneratorDuring a blizzard blackout, you can’t just jump into your car and rent a backup generator.

If you live in snow country – especially areas hit by wicked ice storms – you need to have a backup generator on site before the first snow flake falls.

Sizzling Idea
Reliance Controls TH151W Transfer Switch for FurnacesIf you purchase a portable generator, make sure you purchase a Manual Transfer Switch too. Why? Most furnaces don’t have electrical outlets. You can’t plug your generator into your furnace… or ceiling fan… or light fixtures.

You simply start your generator outside, run a heavy-duty cord to your transfer switch, and voila… your furnace and lights are restored.

Deep Freeze Warning
Freeze MonitorFinally, if you're away from home often (like a vacation home in the mountains), buy a simple Temperature Alarm that will call you if the power goes out or the inside temperature drops significantly.

We were rightfully concerned about the water pipes freezing. Water expands when frozen, and the pipes can rupture and flood the entire home.

An early warning can literally save you thousands of dollars in damage later.


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How to survive a blizzard blackout. With the help of the generator experts at Electric Generators Direct, you won't have to suffer through icy, frigid temperatures without power. Be prepared this winter and install a backup generator, so if, or when, winter storms knock out your power and heat, you'll be able to put the lights back on and stay warm.