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RV Generator Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect RV Generator

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RV Generator Buyer's Guide

Whether you travel in your RV to spend more quality time with family and friends or to escape from it all, you will need a reliable source of power for your travels.

RV generators are specifically made for powering RV appliances and accessories.

RV generators are more expensive than portable generators. While this can be an expensive investment, having constant power, day or night, is worth the cost to most.

When it comes to RV Generators, there are a few options to choose from:

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Select a Fuel
RV generators come in different styles designed to run on different types of fuel. Make sure you select the one that's most compatible with your RV and that will meet your personal travel expectations.

If you are replacing an existing RV generator you will need to know what fuel type you currently have. Also be sure to take measurements in the generator compartment of your RV to make sure you select one that will fit.

Diesel RV GeneratorDiesel
If your RV runs on diesel, then it's best to have a generator that also runs on diesel. With a diesel generator, you can utilize one fuel source for both your RV and your generator.

Diesel also produces more power than propane. It's cleaner burning than gasoline, non-explosive, and safer to store.

Liquid Propane RV GeneratorLiquid Propane
Liquid propane is an environmentally-friendly fuel choice with cleaner emissions, and a longer shelf life.

The downsides however are that the run time is limited to the size of your propane tank and the power output tends to be reduced by around 10% compared to gas or diesel.

Gasoline RV GeneratorGasoline
Some people prefer gasoline-powered RV generators because the fuel is easy to find and less expensive.

The downsides, however, are that they're highly flammable, their fuel has a shorter shelf life, and they burn through fuel much more quickly than a diesel.

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RV GENERATOR BUYER'S GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect RV Generator. Choosing the right RV generator is important for your RV. RV generators power the appliances aboard your motor home. Options to select include what size, fuel type and whether you want the RV generator enclosed or not.